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Axial Piston Fixed Motor A2FM

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Update time : 2019-04-22 22:21:28

Qingdao RunFront Hydraulics Co Ltd update product catalogue to add A2FM Series Hydraulic Piston Motor.
Below is the features:
–     Fixed motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design, for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits
–     For use in mobile and stationary applications
–     The output speed is dependent on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
–     The output torque increases with the pressure differential between the high-pressure and the low-pressure side.
–     Finely graduated sizes permit far-reaching adaptation to the drive case
–     High power density
–     Small dimensions
–     High total efficiency
–     Good starting characteristics
–     Economical design
–     One-piece tapered piston with piston rings for sealing

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